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E-scooters, along with other micromobility devices, are increasing in popularity worldwide, due to the proliferation of inexpensive rideshares featuring these devices and public demand for small, portable, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly modes of transportation. However, there are still many unanswered questions regarding the safety of these devices. Therefore, the UNC Highway Safety Research Center is abstracting information on all e-scooter fatalities reported by the media and other public sources to monitor trends, determine shared risk factors, provide information to the public and the injury prevention community, and prevent future e-scooter fatalities.

e-Scooter Fatalities Dashboard

Users are invited to examine interactive visualizations highlighting characteristics of e-scooter fatalities through our Data Dashboard. The Data Dashboard provides an overview of the key findings from an analysis of our e-scooter fatalities dataset. Users may download and incorporate these visuals into relevant presentations and reports. Please refer to the Resources page for the preferred citation.

Global Map of e-Scooter Fatalities Crashes

For more granular data, users are invited to check out our global map of fatal e-scooter crashes where the location could be determined. Note that since these crashes were identified through a media search, not all reports provided a specific location. Users are encouraged to perform their own analyses and prepare their own visualizations by downloading a copy of our e-scooter fatality database found on the Resources page.