Reporting Form

We recognize  that there are gaps in our e-scooter fatality reporting. This is where you can help! If you are aware of a fatality involving an e-scooter or other micromobility device, please complete the form below. You do not need to complete the form in its entirety; however, we do ask that you provide a link to a media report or other resource so that we can confirm that the event meets our investigation’s criteria. To protect the privacy of the individuals involved, we ask that you do not provide any identifying information other than what can be obtained through public records. For related reasons, we ask that you do not provide information regarding nonfatal events, including events with serious, but survivable injuries. We appreciate your contribution, each additional case that we obtain improves the quality of our data system and helps prevent future injuries and fatalities related to micromobility devices.

*If exact date isn't known, a close approximation is acceptable.
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If you have more than one document describing the event, please share all resources identified. Note: This is a required field for submission. We are unable to incorporate information regarding a fatal event without an independent, corroborating source.